Hello and welcome to Full Frame Photography.   My name is Michael Lattimore I am from Bolingbrook, Illinois and have made my home in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I’m a Network Specialist and Professional Photographer.  I have been taking photos since college but 7 years ago really got serious with photography.  I enjoy capturing that moment--capturing your special moments-- whether it’s for Engagements, Weddings, Birthdays, Seniors/Prom photos, or Graduations, my goal is to capture that special moment that tells your story.   

I often say we take a lot of things for granted, like not really appreciating a sunset or sunrise.  Or, never once sitting down to really look at nature in all of its splendor.  But, I do now; my eyes are now open to the beauty that God has placed on this earth.  I see it now like I have never seen it before all because I picked up a camera.

Photos are about memories and re-living those moments when you sit down with your photo album. 

I want to be there to capture your special memories.  Let me do that for you.